Solar films for windows and glazing


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Solar-controlled film, the elegant solution for insulating windows and glazing while facilitating energy savings and reducing the environmental impact of heating and air conditioning

Improving the quality of life with a window? You can with Sap Sistemi's range of aluminum and pvc mande in Italy window and door solutions, designed to ensure maximum comfort for homes and work spaces.
The perfect insulation of a living space is essential to improve its livability and optimize daily energy savings. Our in-house designers study every detail of fixtures and windows and doors to create an effective barrier with external agents, creating high-performance solutions both in terms of insulation performance and in terms of aesthetics and design.

Solar control films for glazing-or anti-solar films or solar filters for glazing-applied to any type of glass, improve its efficiency and thermal insulation by filtering the sun's rays and reducing heat input into spaces resulting in the re-balancing of the climate of all environments: homes, offices, large-scale glazing, factories, warehouses and stores. Solar control films are created from a composition of ultra-thin layers of transparent polyester on which is placed an extremely thin coating of controlled density vaporized aluminum, joined by a process that does not use metal oxides.

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