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H20 beams and panels

Wooden formwork panels and H20 beams for sale in your city. See all new and used formwork panels and beams listings, ready to ship, available for sale or rent, near your city. Or list your used wood formwork panels and H20 beams for sale on construction sites.

H20 beams and panels



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Mast climbing work platform

Mast climbing work platform, material hoists and transport platforms, construction hoists for sale or rent near you. See all ads for platforms and hoists available for sale or rent, near your city. Or rent your mast climbing work platform.

Mast climbing work platform


Earth moving machines

Used construction equipment for sale near you. See all the ads for new and used construction equipment, available for sale or rent, near your city. Or list your used equipment for sale (bulldozers, excavators, scrapers, loaders, backhoes).

Earth moving machines


Building site accessories

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Building site accessories


Props (See all)

Loading tower

New galvanized loading tower, with a capacity of 200 kN ( 50 kN for each leg). Complete with diagonals, it can reach heights of twenty meters, and be mounted on the ground and lifted by crane. Basic measurement 1 meter x 1 meter

14/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 3475 views

Props E35 Galvanized

New props , never used, as pictured. Only dust on outer surface. Made in Italy, certified

14/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 3546 views

Alu Pilosio 400 prop

Aluminum Pilosio prop maximum extension 4 meters, used for 1 construction site.

23/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 4259 views

Doka prop

Doka D35 Eco Eurex prop, all fully functional in containers of 48 pieces. Little used material, very nice, ideal for purchase or rental.

129.600,00 €

06/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 6059 views

Push pull prop

600 hot-dip galvanized GBM type N props with a maximum extension of 6 meters. Table of capacity downloadable at the link https://www.gbmitaly.com/props/push-pull-props#tira-spingi-n

04/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 6925 views

Used 3.60 props

1800 plate props branded Gherardi and Villalta as per picture. All arranged in pallets of 90 pieces ready to load.

04/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 7035 views

Meva shoring props 350 cm high loading capacity

Meva post shores with din en 1065 certification. High loading capacity: 20kn New and galvanized Available tripods and forks as well.

03/05/2022 | User #1063 | United Kingdom | 4051 views

Doka prop D55 Eurex 20 TOP

1500 Doka props D55 model Eurex TOP used, in containers, fully functional. Containers of 36 pieces

03/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 6629 views

Peri Alpha D35 20kN

1500 Used galvanized prop Peri Alpha D35 2 ton capacity. The material is stored in containers of 48 pieces compatible with the originals. Material fully functional and cleaned of cement residues. Also sellable single container.

52.500,00 €

03/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 5630 views

Scaffolding (See all)

This and other listings will be visible within 24 hours.
This and other listings will be visible within 24 hours.

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xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx

New Plettac scaffolding, scaffolding frame 200x70cm

We offer for sale new scaffolding of Plettac type, manufactured in Poland. We sell all elements of this scaffolding, and the price given in the ad is the price of a new frame Plettac 200x70cm. If you are interested I can prepare an offer for complete sets or individual elements.

47,00 €

18/05/2022 | User #1051 | Poland | 1439 views

Scaffolding Bosta Hunnebeck 100 package 10.000m2

Hello, I have a used Bosta Hunnebeck 100 scaffolding for sale with a total of about 10,000m2 of scaffolding available. Below is a list of available items: 200 SL70 vertical frame 200x70 / Stell frame 1900 SL70 vertical frame 200x100 / Stell frame 64 SL70 vertical frame 100x100 / Stell frame 52 SL70 vertical frame 100x70 / Stell frame 119 walkway frame 150 / walkway frame 130 WOOD DECK 75 x 32 x 4,9 Timber deck 486 LEGGAGE 125 x 32 x 4,9 Timber deck 604 TIMBER DECK 150 x 32 x 4,9 / Timber deck 3100 TIMBER DECK 250 x 32 x 4,9 / Timber deck 730 TREBER DECK 200 x 32 x 4,9 / Timber deck 4900 SINGLE HANDRAIL 250 / Guard rail 450 SINGLE HANDRAIL 200 / Guard rail 650 SINGLE HANDRAIL 150 / Guard rail 700 SINGLE HANDRAIL 100 / Guard rail 800 BRAKING (250x200) / Vertical base 200 BRAKING (150x200) / Vertical base 250 BARE (200x200) / Vertical base 400 DOUBLE SIDE HANDRAIL SL 70 / Double end guard rail 700 SIDE SINGLE HANDRAIL 100 / Double end guard rail 88 centre upright 70/200 / steel guard rail post 126 centre upright 100/200 / steel guard rail post 250 HANDRAIL POST 100 500 SINGLE SIDE HANDRAIL 70 / End guard rail 1750 L 250 / Toeboard for decks 2.5m 400 L LENGTH CARRIER 200 / Toeboard for decks 2.5m 100 L 150 HALF RIM / Toeboard for decks 2m 270 SIDE BAR 74 / End toeboard 200 SIDE BAR 100 / End toeboard 60 ALUM. With surface and ladder 250 / alu plywood platform with surface and ladder 200 CONSOLE 35CM 320 CONSOLE 70CM Sample price for the frame 200x100 is 38 euros. If you are interested I will send the whole offer by e-mail.

276.000,00 €

18/05/2022 | User #1051 | Poland | 1442 views

3000 "Innocenti" tubes of 6 meters

Large batch of "Innocenti" pipes with ministerial authorization, hot-dip galvanized, diameter 48x3,2 mm in hexagonal packs of 61 pieces. Certified material, available while stocks last

144.000,00 €

06/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy / Lombardia | 6209 views

Frame Marcegaglia Tel From 5

3600 trestles model Tel-Dal 5 Dalmine Marcegaglia with gate and current for easy and fast assembly. The trestles are in pallets specially built to contain 20 complete pieces. On request the material can 'be repainted, obtaining a result as the last image.

04/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 7219 views

Ceta scaffolding boards

Sicurblock model Ceta table of 1.80x50 stowed containers as per photography. Goods always stored under cover

04/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 7331 views

Messersi Scaffolding

Used scaffolding in good condition complete with platforms and hatches . Lacking the foot stops and some diagonals For sale the whole lot

119.000,00 €

03/05/2022 | User #1057 | Italy | 4322 views

Used TRB Scaffolding painted

TRB scaffold painted in excellent condition, with 3+1 beams and diagonals. There are 7 containers of 50 pieces as in the photograph. Available bridge boards measuring 22.5x5x4000 to complete.

03/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 5732 views

Rough Messersi Scaffolding

700 Messersi brand frames complete with beams and diagonals on original containers. Metal platforms are not available at the moment.

03/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 5231 views

Marcegaglia Dalmine FAP scaffolding

1800 used painted Marcegaglia frames with 600 Dalmine boards placed inside the packages. The material can be loaded on 3 complete trucks. The trestles are supplied with 2 horizontal and 1 diagonal beams. The containers (36 pieces) are included in the price.

03/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 4615 views

H20 beams and panels (See all)

This and other listings will be visible within 24 hours.
This and other listings will be visible within 24 hours.

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xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx

Peri GT24 lattice girder

Lot of reticular beams of 5.90 brand Peri model GT24 in excellent condition. Also available H20 always brand Peri H20 of size 3.90.

29/04/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 13072 views

Handrail clamp S / Galvanized Doka railing

Parapet model Doka, semi-new, art reference Doka 580470000. On request it can be supplied with new galvanized container. Material immediately available at our warehouse in Brescia

28/04/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 5130 views

Doka Form-on H20 Beams

Form on beam of first choice model Doka H20 measuring 3.9 meters. In packs of 100 pieces, ideal for the construction of solid slabs.

21/04/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 7876 views

Yellow panel for reinforcement

Panel of thickness 27mm in packs of 40 pieces and 3 sizes. 2x0.5 meters 2,5x0,5 meters 3,0x0,5 meters Material built with first choice lumber.

25/03/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 15803 views

H20 beams and yellow panels 27mm

I offer directly from factory H20 beams and yellow panels 27mm

11/03/2022 | User #1018 | Slovenia / Postojna | 11678 views

Doka type H20 wooden beam

Wooden beam certified according to regulations . Goods of European production, with plastic protection. Packed in packs of 50 pieces, length 3.90 m.

11/03/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 15897 views

Used panels

Panel 3 layers of first choice used only once from 2m x 50cm The panels are constructed in 3 layers and are ideal for reinforcing ceilings or walls, as a replacement for formwork Package of 40 pieces

560,00 €

09/03/2022 | User #1004 | Italy | 30895 views

Yellow reinforcement panels

GBM formwork panels are constructed of three layers of spruce and picea wood grown in sustainable forests. The panels are coated with melamine resin, which gives the surface enough strength and uniformity to make them suitable for use on any construction site. They are frequently used in the construction industry and are characterized by quality and durability. They are available in sizes - 2m x 0.5 - 2,5m x 0,5 - 3 m x 0,5.

02/03/2022 | User #1004 | Italy | 12628 views

Floor Beams

H20 planks for solid spruce floors. Surfaces treated with water-repellent varnish, glued with EN30 melamine-based glue, specifically designed for fixing wooden components. Available in packs of 50 or 100 beams. Available in the following standard lengths - 1,95 m - 2,45 m - 2,65 m - 2,90 m - 3,30 m - 3,60 m - 3,90 m -4,50 m - 4,90 m - 5,90 m Please note that thanks to their method of assembly, the beams can be subsequently cut to any size while maintaining their morphological and technical characteristics.

02/03/2022 | User #1004 | Italy / Lombardia / Provincia di Brescia | 12403 views

Formwork (See all)

New formwork Topec hunnebeck, panel 180x90

We offer for sale new formwork 100% compatible with Topec Hunnebeck system. The formwork is fully manufactured in Poland. Price offer applies to 180x90cm slab, but we also sell all other sizes of slabs. If interested I will send you an offer via e-mail.

250,00 €

18/05/2022 | User #1051 | Poland | 1347 views

New Hunnebeck Rasto formwork, panel 90x270

Our company offers for sale NEW formwork system compatible with Rasto Hunnebeck. All Polish production, very good quality. This ad concerns a new board 90x270, but we offer all sizes of boards

295,00 €

18/05/2022 | User #1051 | Poland | 1347 views

800 m2 - Skydeck

800 m2 Peri Skydeck with accessories. Material available in Portugal

12/05/2022 | User #1059 | Portugal / Distrito do Porto / Porto | 2168 views

Pole formwork 3m

3 m high column formwork. Universal column formwork with possibility of constructing columns with square and rectangular cross-sections. Due to considerable width of the boards and appropriate profiles (clamps) it is possible to make a post with different span of the arm from 15 to 45 cm - with stroke adjustment every 5 cm. The maximum height of the post reaches 3m and for this purpose it is necessary to use four boards (three-layer plywood) in size 50 x 300 cm and seven sets of steel profiles spaced at appropriate distances. Clamps with wedge locking on the assembled pole are connected to each other by four in one set. Technical data: - Size from 15 -45 cm (step adjustment in 5 cm increments), - Height 3 m, - Maximum load (pressure) of concrete 40kN/m². Set includes: - 4 pcs of plywood in size 0,50 x 3,0 m , thickness 27mm - 28 pieces of steel corner profiles with wedges, which gives 7 sets of profiles covering the pole.

429,00 €

02/05/2022 | User #1055 | Poland / Silesian Voivodeship / Powiat żywiecki / Żywiec | 4094 views

Manto Hunnebeck formwork 3m, total 1800m2

Hi, for sale I have a used formwork Manto Hunnebeck to a height of 3m. The formwork is in good condition, the frames are straight but about 30% of the panels do not have plywood. For this system I also have a lock Manto, which is paid extra. If you are interested I will send you a detailed list of panels.

108.000,00 €

29/04/2022 | User #1051 | Poland | 4816 views

Peri Skydeck

513 square meters of used Skydeck in excellent condition, complete with: cod.061000 Panel SD150x75..................456 pieces cod.061100 Longitudinal beam SLT 225.....150 pieces cod.061210 Drop head SFK...................200 pieces cod.061530 Maxi pallet SD150x225..............10 pieces cod.065016 Metal basket 120x80...............3 pieces

76.950,00 €

29/04/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 4533 views

Doka Drop Head

Used Doka rapid dismantling head,ideal for system with H20 beams and panels. In cases of 30 pieces have been used for 2 sites.

25/03/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 14756 views


Lot of new Faresin, as per photographs and attached list. Material never used, can be purchased only in a single solution. The material is not currently located in Italy but can be viewed on request with a dedicated video or on-site visit.

23/03/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 5778 views

Doka Framax Xlife panels in various sizes

Doka Framax Xlife is the framed formwork system which, with just a few elements, whether used horizontally or vertically, achieves constant modularity in 15 cm increments All connecting elements and accessories are perfectly integrated into the system - for short forming times and high cost-effectiveness. They are used and all in excellent condition, counted and strapped as pictured Price and availability varies by quantity

08/03/2022 | User #1004 | Italy | 30532 views

Parapets (See all)

Crane (See all)

Crane Cattaneo

I sell self-erecting crane Cattaneo height h 18 mt arm 20 in tip 600 kg, the machine is located in the province of Bari, at euro 6000.00 the machine is mounted x view it and try it

6.000,00 €

06/05/2022 | User #1072 | Italy / Puglia / Bari / Gravina in Puglia | 3470 views

FM Crane RB 1030 I

Crane FM model RB 1030 I in very good conditions

29/04/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 12952 views

Crane Dalbe HS293

Crane Dalbe HS 293, 29.70 m boom

29/04/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 6918 views

Crane Potain HD 16C arm 24 meters

Potain crane completely repainted, year 1999 with 24 meters boom, capacity 750kg at the tip.

29/04/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 4527 views

Construction Crane

For discontinued business I sell self-erecting construction crane working, tower with wagon H 16.50 from the ground to below the trolley, Vicario model poker type 16 x 20 PS16, capacity 12.50 q to ml 12.50 q 10 ml 20 q. 6 with ballast and booklet, already disassembled for clearing site.

3.000,00 €

26/04/2022 | User #1046 | Italy | 5090 views

Mast climbing work platform (See all)

Earth moving machines (See all)

Building site accessories (See all)

Concrete Mixers - Mixer

Available in stock - Concrete mixers from 140 to 350 - Mixers from 120 to 180 - Continuous mixers Brand OFFICINE POLIERI. Only new. For info 340/7408277 - gianluca.federico@sipla.it

07/05/2022 | User #1077 | Italy / Campania / Provincia di Salerno / Padula | 3089 views

Construction site equipment

Available in stock construction equipment and earthmoving machines - Compactors - Scaffolding - Asphalt cutter - Smoothing machines - Generator sets - Monoblocks

07/05/2022 | User #1077 | Italy / Campania / Provincia di Salerno / Padula | 3128 views

Insulated monoblocks used as office, dressing room, bathroom etc...

Available to warehouse insulated monoblocks use office, locker room, canteen, office etc.... We are located in Padula (SA) Only brand new No used Possibility of shipping throughout Italy For info 340/7408277 - gianluca.federico@sipla.it

07/05/2022 | User #1077 | Italy / Campania / Provincia di Salerno / Padula | 3085 views

Painted pin scaffolding - OMEGA CONDOR

Omega Condor painted pin scaffold in stock ONLY BRAND NEW We are located in Padula (SA) Possibility of shipping throughout Italy For info 340/7408277 - gianluca.federico@sipla.it

07/05/2022 | User #1077 | Italy / Campania / Provincia di Salerno / Padula | 3121 views

Electrical panels

Two switchboards in excellent condition

1.000,00 €

06/05/2022 | User #1072 | Italy / Puglia / Bari / Gravina in Puglia | 3454 views

Helix bracket for armature

Used painted formwork propeller bracket case measuring 50 cm.

240,00 €

04/05/2022 | User #1003 | Italy | 6686 views

Panel cleaning machine

Puli-Pan is a building site panel cleaning machine: it removes dirt from reinforcement boards and wooden formwork. It cleans on 4 sides and simultaneously applies the release agent. Feeding speed about 6 meters per minute. Equipped with galvanized roof, lifting eyebolts, removable drawbar and wheels. On request special gears for the driving rollers, to clean panels with thickness from 21 to 27 mm.

14.400,00 €

03/05/2022 | User #1061 | Italy | 3579 views

Construction wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow for construction - professional use Capacity: 75 lt Weight: 12 Kg Wheel: 350 x 80 Galvanized tank thickness: 8/10 Diameter of tubular frame: 30 x 1,5.

03/05/2022 | User #1060 | Italy | 3562 views

Galvanized Power Box

Galvanized sheet metal boxes of capacity 2 tons, stackable to 5, ideal in the yard and in the company for the storage of small parts and accessories from scaffolding. Measure 1000x800 h600 (useful) are ideal for reducing the space in the building warehouses.

23/04/2022 | User #1002 | Italy | 7072 views

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