Attic beams


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H20 floorboards for solid fir floors.
Surfaces treated with water-repellent paints, glued with melamine-based glue type EN30 specifically for fastening wood components.
Available in packs of 50 or 100 beams.

Available in the following standard lengths:
- 1,95 m
- 2,45 m
- 2,65 m
- 2,90 m
- 3,30 m
- 3,60 m
- 3,90 m
-4,50 m
- 4,90 m
- 5,90 m

Please note that due to their assembly method, the beams can be subsequently cut to any size while maintaining their morphological and technical characteristics.

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I offer

Italy / Lombardia / Provincia di Brescia

Quantity: 100 pcs 1 saved H20 beams and panelsGBM

H20 beams and panels


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