Job offer - Building furniture technical salesman


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Technical salesman building furniture

1. Age: 30-55 years;
2. Many years' experience in the role, gained in companies operating in the distribution of building components, modernly organized and strongly market-oriented; technical background on aluminum facades and window frames and/or ventilated cladding and/or industrial closures required;
3. Empathy, ability to establish effective, lasting, constructive relationships;
4. Excellent communication and organizational skills; flexibility;
5. Strong propensity for commercial activity conducted by working for objectives and within short time frames; dynamic;
6. Motivation and determination; Maturity; Strong spirit of initiative/activity;
7. Knowledge of main computer applications (MS Office package, in particular
Excel); Preferable knowledge of mobile applications, tablets, PDAs.
8. Maximum availability and ability to travel and commute, at least 50% of the time; Duties to be performed:
The ideal candidate will be able to perform the following tasks independently: _Main objective: Develop expand client portfolio and secondly consolidate existing clients with systematic, constructive and effective relationships;
_ Consistently maintain - over time - customer relationships through a high level of service and a high focus on the relationship;
_ Manage the quotation and bidding stages, with full technical advice to clients in order to identify the most appropriate solutions;
_ Perform any material calculations, site management, and drafting of technical drawings;
Company headquarters: province of Piacenza.
Area of operation: national territory. Usually neighboring area of residence candidate. Position and indicative salary: collaboration contract with VAT number; compensation in line with the skills and experience actually gained.

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