Aluminum wood windows and doors


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Aluminum wood, technology and aesthetics

Sap Sistemi's Aluminum Wood AELLE system windows and doors are the perfect synthesis of technology and aesthetics, which has revolutionized the world of composite wood siding in recent years. Sap Sistemi's Aluminum Wood AELLE windows and doors are the perfect combination of the practicality of aluminum frames and the elegance of wood frames. Wood windows and doors with high thermal performance that provide unique comfort from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

The thermal break aluminum core of the casement system, provides the highest thermal and acoustic insulation performance even in large sizes, with significant energy savings. The interior-home side with fine natural wood cladding enhances the habitat with the warmth of wooden windows.

Why choose an aluminum wood window frame Aelle

Wood is a high-quality natural material, insulating by its nature, bearing solar radiation well in summer and improving thermal insulation during winter. In addition, wood is a perfect sound insulator. The aesthetic versatility of wood-aluminum allows it to fit perfectly into any environment. Wood composite windows and doors are ideal with the most modern furnishings and the most classic lines, giving rooms a unique character.

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