PVC windows and doors


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Schuco PVC windows and doors, a green material.

PVC is a recycled material made from natural elements. Schuco PVC windows and doors from Sap Sistemi are lead-free and are safe for human and environmental health since they do not pollute the environment and do not emit harmful substances to the outside, while, however, providing excellent insulation performance in both hot and cold seasons, resulting in energy savings.

Schuco PVC windows and doors, safety and savings
Schuco PVC window frames from Sap Sistemi are durable, long-lasting and perfectly insulating. Thanks to Sap Sistemi's technology and the in-house technical department that designs the windows and doors in every detail, Schuco PVC windows and doors resist UV rays and weather changes, preserving themselves over the years without alteration and wear and tear without the need for special maintenance.

For the same performance, moreover, Schuco PVC windows and doors are less expensive than those made of aluminum or wood.

Schuco PVC window frames, strength and safety
A Schuco PVC window frame insulates from the outside environment by forming a waterproof and secure barrier that protects spaces from external weathering by preventing the passage of water and air.
Unalterable gaskets seal the glass; in fact, they ensure perfect contact between sash and frame, preventing heat loss.
Schuco PVC windows and doors, also do not fear UV rays and do not spread flames.

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