Mineral wool insulation


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As a result of unrealized insulation intervention, we sell new, still packed batch of mineral wool insulation (rock wool covered on one side with a sheet of polythene kraft paper) in rolls 500 x 120 cm, thickness 10 cm, thermal conductivity lambda = 0.040 W/mK, CAM certified, therefore suitable for use in interventions subject to Superbonus 110%.
Manufacturer: ROCKWOOL
Product type: ROULROCK Kraft 121
Quantity: 36 rolls for a total of 216 sq. m
Paid €8.50/sqm, sells for €6.50/sqm

1.404,00 €

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Total lot price: 1.404,00 € Unit price: 6,50 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 216 sqm 0 saved Building materials

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