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Lot of DokaScaff multidirectional scaffolding used very little, arranged in packs as pictured.

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Certified scaffold board  Top

Galvanized platforms for right scaffolding as shown in the photograph. Strapped in packs of 50 pieces ,equipped with safety hook, measuring 50x180 cm, usable on all brands of scaffolding.

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy / Lombardia / Provincia di Brescia | 283717 views 1 saved

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Galvanized and painted scaffolding (1 container of 1080 square meters immediately available)

Galvanized or painted scaffold measuring 1050mm x2000mm new, on pallets of 60 pieces. Also shown in the pictures is a typical assembly diagram with various accessories available upon request. One container can load 660 trestles or 1400 pl...

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy / Lombardia / Provincia di Brescia | 83665 views 1 saved

FRAMAX or FRAMI DOKA type formwork steel clamps

Galvanized forged steel clamps compatible with FRAMAX or FRAMI model formwork.

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy | 95408 views 0 saved

Header gate for scaffolding

Galvanized scaffold gate of width 1050mm. Fits on all types of Italian model trestles.

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy | 90228 views 0 saved

Mesh box body

Mesh container size 100x80x60cm weight 50kg. Stackable up to 5, capacity of 1.5 tons each. Hot-galvanized, also have holes in the bottom to facilitate liquid outflow.

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy / Lombardia / Provincia di Brescia | 123413 views 0 saved

PERI PEP 20-350 and 400 props

PERI steel props of 20 kN. Size 350 and 400 cm. In container.

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Lot of very rarely used DOKA EUREX TOP 350 props in original 40-piece containers.

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy | 135184 views 0 saved

Dustproof net for construction scaffold

Sale of dustproof netting for construction scaffolding. Material: polyethylene H.D. White color Weight 38 gr/sqm Umbrella 50% KLY 200 Fixed height mt 1.80 Available lengths: mt 15-25-50-100 Fixed packages available: mt 15×...

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy | 174100 views 0 saved

Container for scaffolding boards and wood panels

Painted containers for storing metal scaffolding platforms (storage capacity 40 pieces). Painted containers for storage of wooden reinforcing panels (storage capacity 40 pieces). The containers are in packages of 20 or 30 pieces but can a...

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy | 191103 views 0 saved

Container for formwork props

Painted iron container for formwork props.

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy | 175589 views 0 saved

PERI MP480 MULTIPROP Construction Props

PERI brand construction props (original) in aluminum model MP480. Also available in model MP350 and MP625.

Premium User Roberto (#1003) | Italy / Lombardia | 182658 views 0 saved

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