Standard 20 to 40-foot container AND 20 to 40-foot refrigerated container

Standard 20 to 40-foot container AND 20 to 40-foot refrigerated container


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Standard 20 to 40-foot container AND 20 to 40-foot reefer container
Our standard 20 to 40-foot container is the king of the intermodal panel. No wonder: it has it all. CSC certified, suitable for intermodal transport. It offers plenty of space yet is easy to transport. It meets the ISO standard and is therefore stackable. Its solid floor makes it the best shipping and storage solution in the world. Buy a new or used container

New or used shipping container
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40ft dry open container
40ft dry open side container
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Tank Container.

The 20 to 40 ft refrigerated container from global manufacturer Carrier is a turnkey solution for the storage of regular goods (food, medicine, liquids etc.) with an operating temperature range of -25°C to +25°C. Due to its versatility (ISO container), in addition to storage, it is possible to transport goods comfortably by road, rail and sea in refrigerated containers.
Characteristics of a 20-foot refrigerated container:
- external dimensions: p. - 6,058mm, l. - 2,438 mm, ref. - 2,591 millimeters
- internal dimensions: p. - 5,513mm, l. - 2,284mm, ref. - 2,269 millimeters
- internal volume: 28-30 m3
- own weight: up to 3,050 kg
- maximum load capacity of 21,950 kg
- power consumption: 9.1 - 9.9 kW/h (depending on manufacturer, set temperature and compressor type)
- power supply: 380/440 V; 3 phases, 50/60 Hz
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