KOMATSU TERNA WB70A-1 wheel loader for sale


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Komatsu TERNA WB70A-1 for sale. The Komatsu TERNA WB70A-1 is the combination of three dedicated models in one machine:
- Backhoe loader
- Wheel loader
- Tool carrier
Depending on the need, the Komatsu TERNA WB70A-1 can be transformed into a specialized machine for excavation, loading or site service.
The optional availability of the special hydraulic front quick coupler allows any type of equipment to be attached in seconds while at the same time not varying digging forces when the loader is used.
We also have forks available.

25.000,00 €

salsrl Salerno (#102609) | 26061 views

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Total lot price: 25.000,00 € Unit price: 25.000,00 € / 1 Quantity: 1 0 saved Earth moving machinesKomatsu

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