PIN PLETTAC frame scaffold


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We offer:

Vertical steel frames 200x74
Vertical steel frames 150x74
Vertical steel frames 100x74
Vertical steel frames 50x74
Vertical steel frames 200x106

Shipping or personal pickup from Poland in Żywiec.

Furthermore, we also provide a variety of other scaffolding components and various models of scaffolds, including UNICO Baumann L73 and Bosta. We are always committed to offering customized solutions to our customers and are ready to assist you in creating an individualized quote.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to receive a personalized offer.

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Scaffolding containers, sheet metal boxes, joint baskets, prop containers  Top

Frame containers, hot-dip galvanized sheet metal boxes, mesh baskets for joints and accessories, board and prop containers

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