Doka Framax 2,70 Steel 260m2 with equipment


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Doka Framax 2,70 Steel 260m2 with equipment
The frames and skin are in a good, very good condition. Parts with new finply.
40x Framax 1,35x2,70m
22x Framax 0,90x2,70m
8x Framax 0,60x2,70m
8x Framax 0,45x2,70m
8x Framax 0,30x2,70m
10x Framax 0,90x2,70m Uni
4x Framax Insidecorner 2,70m
4x Framax Outside corner2,70,
312x Framax RU Clamp
20x Framax Universal fixing bolt10-16cm
24x Framax wedge clamp
12x Framax Universal walling 0,90m
12x Framax Universal walling 1,50m
20x Framax bracket 90
5x Panel strut 340
2x Framax lifting hook
210x tie rod 1,00m
420x super plate 15
2x Doka Box 1,20x0,80m

Other quantities or elements are available on request.

Framax panel formwork is a high-performance steel panel formwork for forming large areas by crane.
A consistent 15 cm grid can be achieved with just a few elements, whether used upright or lying down. All lanyards, all accessories fit seamlessly into the grid for fast forming times and high efficiency.
Time-saving work, short shuttering times thanks to large tie spacing of up to 1.35 m and large-area repositioning units or large elements
Easy cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner due to powder-coated frames.

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