Used SLV-70 200 m2 Scaffolding (Certified)


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My name is Marcos and I represent SLV-grupo Andamios,

I present to you an offer of used ONCE scaffolding in perfect condition, SLV-70, steel - riveted

The offer does not include VAT.

Scaffolding dimensions:

199.2 m2 square meters 24.0 m long 8.30 m working height the last platform is 6.3 m high.

Basic elements of the SLV-70 system

The basic elements of the system are the frame and the platform, which serve as the basis of the structure. The platforms are available in sizes ranging from 0.74 m to 3.00 m. The steel frames are made of 48.3 tube with a wall thickness of 2.7 mm. The steel grade is 235 JRH.
with a yield strength Re min greater than 280 MPa, most of the time Re is within the range of approximately 280-285 MPa. Before the production process, each pipe section is sent to the Bydgoszcz Institute, which examines whether the certificate is compatible. with the delivered pipe batch, to avoid false "counter-floor" documents. The pipe is bottled in a machine designed specifically for the type of material JRH, which shapes the pipe.

We can also make you an individual offer for your needs.

4.610,53 €

Mateusz Wójcik (#100356) | 39713 views

I offer


Total lot price: 4.610,53 € Unit price: 23,17 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 199 sqm 0 saved ScaffoldingALTRO



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