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Immediate availability: 2,000 m² (Warehouse La Garde 83- France)
- Length (mm): 5500
- Width (mm): 1000
- Usable width (mm): 900
- Tile length (mm): 251.3
- Pitch (mm): 160 (103.2+76.8)
- Number of rows of tiles/sheet: 6
- Profile height (mm): 39
- Thickness (mm): 2.5 (+/- 0.2)
- Weight (kg/m²): 4.8 (+/- 0.2)
- Finish : Semi-matt
- Resin type : ASA

- Tensile modulus: 2200 MPa according to ISO 527
- Tensile strength: 34 MPa according to ISO 527
- Flexural strength: 67 MPa to ISO 178
- Flexural modulus: 2100 MPa to ISO 178
- Charpy impact strength, V-notch: 16 KJ/m2 at 23°C, 4mm to ISO 1791eA
- Rockwell hardness: 106 to ISO R306

Strength and durability over time: Our PVC - ASA sheets are designed to withstand the most rigorous weather conditions. Thanks to their robust composition and enhanced UV resistance.
Low-maintenance and rot-proof: high resistance to stains, moss and mildew.
Aesthetically pleasing: perfectly imitating the appearance of terracotta tiles, they retain their color and appearance for years, without fading or deteriorating.
Easy installation: Lightweight and easy to handle, they can be installed quickly and without special equipment.
CE certification in accordance with directive 2011/33/EU - Reference report 2017/01
ISO 9001 - Quality management for the manufacture of PVC roofing sheets
Sales are available in all locations, and prices are Ex Works. However, depending on the quantities purchased, we may be able to offer FOB or CIF pricing.
The sheets come from Turkey.

24.000,00 €

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France / Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur / Var / Arrondissement de Toulon / La Garde

Total lot price: 24.000,00 € Unit price: 12,00 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 2000 sqm 0 saved Building materials

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