PLASTIC PANEL 18 mm 21 mm


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Shuttering Panel Plastic is made of high quality polypropylene. It is adjusted to international construction standards. This product is characterized by high stiffness, is heat resistant, corrosion resistant and has a much higher impact resistance than classical wooden plywood. The allowable working temperature is in the range of -20~90 °C.


Reusable (even more than 60 times)
100% resistance to weather conditions (eg rain)
Does not require non-stick oil (surface mixed with additives that make the panel resistant to acidic or alkaline environment)
Very good workability (easy to handle, cut, join with other elements such as wood, steel or aluminum)
Low weight (panels are about 20% lighter than conventional shuttering plywood)
Easy repair (regeneration of the damaged surface possible using, for example, glue, also on the construction site)
Cost savings (with one set of panels can save up to 60% of the total budget, compared to the use of standard plywood or metal formwork)

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