Complete new modular RMS scaffolding 250m2


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The RMS (Rix Modular Safety) system is known for its versatility, applications and capabilities. The RMS system is characterized by simplicity and safety. The system consists of six main components: foot spindles, footings, beams, uprights, diagonal braces and floor boards (wood/steel). Each component is easy to install. A built RMS scaffold can be used for heavy masonry work as well as lighter maintenance jobs! The RMS system is universal and fully interchangeable with the well-known brands.

Due to our very large stock we can deliver very quickly and at the best prices within Europe.
Delivery outside Europe is of course also possible.

Any configuration is possible ask for the possibilities.
You are welcome to contact us for 1 foot spindle or for 10,000 uprights of 3.00 meters.

The set shown consists of the following parts:
22x Foot spindle (new)
22x Foot spindle (new)
57x Upright 3.00 meters (new)
7x Upright 2.00 meters (new)
180x Crossbar 2.57 (new)
71x Girder 0.73 (new)
74x Grating 2.57 x 0.32 O-profile (new)
4x Passage boarding 2.57 x 0.61 with ladder O-profile (new)
12x Diagonal braces 2.57 x 2.00 (new)
8x Diagonal braces 0.73 x 2.00 (new)

Unit prices and our entire assortment is also on the attached website link.

13.107,00 €

Rix Steigersystemen B.V. (#101413) | 47975 views

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Total lot price: 13.107,00 € Unit price: 52,42 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 250 sqm 0 saved Scaffolding


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Board with trapdoor for scaffolding  Top

Galvanized scaffold platform with trapdoor,compatible with other types of scaffolding.

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