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Our company is specialized in importing used and new formwork beams, props, panels and elements for formwork.

We have a permanent stock of more than 8000 linear meters of H20 beams, mainly new but also second hand.
We work exclusively with FORM-On but also with formwork beams such as ULMA, PERI, DOKA, KAUFMANN, etc. for second-hand beams

Sizes currently available:
1,20 m used
1,45 m used
1,50 m second hand
1,80 m second hand new
-1,90 m- second hand
2,10 m used
2,15 m second hand
2,40 m second hand
-2.45 m- used and new
2,65 m new
2,90 m new
-3,30 m- new
3,60 m -new
-3,90 m- new
-4,20 new

Second hand price updated on 16/03/2023
8,59 €/ml excl

New h20 eco beams with homogeneous plywood core
12,50 euro/ml vat excl

New Form-on smartbeam pls 20N 3-ply core
13,50 €/ml excl

Project offer, construction site thank you to contact us.

We can deliver in all Belgium. Via independent carrier.
Please send us your price request for the transport by mail.

Big building site, attention building site price combination beams and accessories, delivery by semi-trailer.
Full load capacity in semi-trailer is +-4500 mL delays +-3 days to 8 working days.
The prices are exclusive of VAT and per linear meter.
Attention due to the evolution of the prices of materials and transport, please ask for an updated offer.

13,50 €

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I offer


Total lot price: 13,50 € Unit price: 13,50 € / 1 lnm Quantity: 1 lnm 0 saved H20 beams and panelsForm-On

H20 beams and panels


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H20 beams per truckload

We always deliver by full truckload (i.e. 2200 m2 of 21mm panels or about 4800 ml of H20 beams depending on the requested lengths). You can mix them in the same order according to your needs. Our prices valid for loading in April are:...

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Truckload of H20 FORM-ON ECO beams

Our company proposes you by complete batch delivered by truck semi-trailer of +- 4500ml of beams H20 Form-on eco core in plywood. At a price of 7,89 € ml excluding transport. For any contact do not hesitate to contact us.

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