Insulation for thermal insulation - rock wool


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Rigid panel lined on one side VELOVETRO ROCCIA WOOL SP.140MM.

Hydrophobic panel made of glass wool treated with special thermosetting resins CE marked in accordance with EN 13162, coated on one surface with a black meshed glass veil, made by URSA BiOnic Performance production technology.
New still packed. Semi-rigid water-repellent panel made of URSA GLASSWOOL glass wool treated with special thermosetting resins, with one surface coated with a black meshed glass veil.

Preferred uses: thermal-acoustic insulation of ventilated facade systems.
Reaction to fire A1
Thermal conductivity D at tm=10°C Lambda 0.034
URSA FDP 3/Vr Ursa Glasswool Collection
Available 400.00 square meters (price shown is per square meter).
Each panel measures 1400 x 1600.
New still packed.

6.000,00 €

MaGa 2 (#101368) | 44448 views

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Total lot price: 6.000,00 € Unit price: 15,00 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 400 sqm 1 saved Other (miscellaneous)

Other (miscellaneous)

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