Ceiling / construction / formwork supports/ Various sizes


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we are a distributor of the Italian company GBM.
We offer a full range of supports.

Available dimensions of galvanized Italian supports 10KN
- 0,50m - 0,80m
- 0,80m - 1,30m
- 1,10m to 1,80m
- 1,50m to 2,70m
- 1,60m to 2,90m
- 1.70m to 3.00m
- 1.80m to 3.20m
- 2.00m to 3.60m
- 2.20m to 4.00m
- 2.20m to 4.10m
- 2.80m to 5.00m

Please inquire about product availability and current prices.

11,90 €

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I offer

Poland / Silesian Voivodeship / Powiat żywiecki / Żywiec

Total lot price: 11,90 € Unit price: 11,90 € / 1 pcs Quantity: 1 pcs 0 saved Props


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Lot of very rarely used DOKA EUREX TOP 350 props in original 40-piece containers.

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