PN1040 aluminum mobile scaffolding


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We offer mobile scaffolding in different variants.
The AL-TO PRO+ scaffolding system stands for quality, intuitive installation and ease of use. It works well in many fields, and a wide range of models will allow you to match the needs of both professionals and individual users. AL-TO PRO+ works well for both outdoor and indoor work. A small number of basic elements used in different construction variants, is an additional advantage of the AL-TO PRO+ mobile scaffolding system.
Scaffolding meets all currently required standards.

The scaffolding is adapted to the PN1040 standard, which is effective from December 2021.

The new requirements apply to the way scaffolding is installed, in particular the installation of safety barriers. In addition, the maximum distance to be maintained between platforms has been reduced. As a result, this translates into more platforms and safety systems needed for compliant use of scaffolding.
AL-TO PRO+ offers two frame widths, 0.75m or 1.50m, and two platform lengths, 1.80m or 2.85m. This allows you to configure a scaffold with a working area of 0.75m x 1.80m to 1.50m x 2.85m. Frames of 1.00m and 2.00m allow working heights of up to 13.21m.

In case of interest, we will prepare an individual quote depending on your requirements

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