Aluminum Scaffolding SLV-73 500 m2 Certified and Approved

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Hello my name is Marcos and I represent SLV-GROUP ,
in our offers you can find three variants of scaffolding. In this publication I am going to present you the SLV-73 or also known as SLV-73 RAM-1.

SLV-73: The SLV-73 frame scaffold is an ideal system for facade works. Thanks to its simple and intuitive design, construction works are much faster.

m2: 509.62m2 length: 61.40m working height: 8.30m last platform height: 6.30m

-The scaffolding is fully approved and certified.
-The offer is complete with all kinds of accessories.
-It is possible to ask for prices for different square meters or any type of element.
-The offer does not include the VAT!
-The offer does not include the discount.
1.Aluminum frame 2,0 m RAM 1= 63 pcs
2.Aluminum U-platform - plywood 3,07 m x 0,61 m = 54 pcs
3.Aluminum double railing 3.07 m RAM 1 = 80 pcs
4.Diagonal (p. 3,07m) with wedge . RAM 1 = 21 pcs
5.Aluminum scaffold end 1.0 m RAM 1 = 19 pcs
6.Front toe board 3,07 m RAM 1
7.U-Access platform 3.07 m plywood = 6 pcs
8.Double side railing RAM 1 = 4 pcs
9.Lateral toe board RAM 1 = 6 pcs
10.Aluminum handrail (top) RAM 1 = 2 pcs
11.Tie pipe 0,60 m UNI = 36 pcs
12.Screw with ring 0,23 m UNI = 36 uni
13.Nylon dowel UNI = 36 pcs
14.Fixed clamp UNI = 36 pcs
15.Spindle 500 mm UNI = 42 pcs

16.919,90 €


I offer


Total lot price: 16.919,90 € Unit price: 33,84 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 500 sqm 1 saved ScaffoldingBaumann



Board with trapdoor for scaffolding  Top

Galvanized scaffold platform with trapdoor,compatible with other types of scaffolding.

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