Circled ceiling formwork girder, docks, FORM ON 390 3.9m

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The object of sale is a set of formwork girders of the Austrian company FORM-ON.
All girders have plastic fittings. Girders with a length of 3.9 m

The set consists of 200pcs used (after one construction) and 100pcs new girders.

The price quoted is the net price per running meter when buying the whole set of 300pcs.

For the purchase of used or new alone, please feel free to contact us.

7,53 €


I offer

Poland / Silesian Voivodeship / Powiat żywiecki / Żywiec

Total lot price: 7,53 € Unit price: 7,53 € / 1 lnm Quantity: 1 lnm 1 saved H20 beams and panelsForm-On

H20 beams and panels