High Quality Wood CNC Machine CNC10-15Z


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High Quality Wood CNC Machine CNC10-15Z

Wood CNC Machine (also called Woodworking CNC Machine) CNC10-15Z is the cnc machine tool to process the complex shape of the wood rotary products or semi-finished wood products, such as staircase spindles, posts, columns and even baseball bats etc. Workpiece profiles are designed in CAD/CAM software provided with the machine and stored on the control computer for easy recall, so the wood CNC machine can set shape flexibly and changing processing style rapidly. The wood CNC machine is especially suitable for the mass production of small or medium-scale wood enterprises, it can even run in small workshops or a large wood factory because of the compact structure and robust lathe bed.CNC Wood Lathe,CNC Machine, CNC Wood Lathe, Wood CNC Machine, Woodworking CNC Machine.
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