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SLV-70 type frame scaffolding, compatible with the Plettac system, is used in construction, heavy industry and energy. Manufactured scaffolding allows quick assembly and guarantees a safe, solid structure, the most important feature of which is stability. In the standard edition, they can be set up to a height of 24 m, and according to static calculations, they can be set up to 64 m with certain requirements.
The steel frames are made of 48.3 pipe with a wall of 2.7 mm. Steel grade S 235 JRH with a yield strength Re min greater than 280 MPa, most often Re is in the range of about 280-285 MPa.
Ease and speed of assembly was achieved by using prefabricated components. Rigid construction and diagonal bracing allow to carry heavy loads.
Safe horizontal and vertical communication gives free access to workstations. The perforated surface of the platforms minimizes the possibility of slipping and facilitates rainwater drainage. A protective zinc coating protects against weathering and corrosion.

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Total lot price: 37.485,00 € Unit price: 24,99 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 1500 sqm 0 saved Scaffolding


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