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Scaffolding directly from the manufacturer SLV Group Poland

The stands are made of 48,3 x 3,2 mm steel type S235 JR, of Re plasticity slightly higher than 320 Mpa, hot-dip galvanized. Before starting the production process, each piece of tube is sent to the Institute to check if it is compatible with the delivered batch of tubes in order to avoid falsification of the origin of the material. The stands are equipped with rosettes every 0.5 m with 8 holes. The larger holes are for vertical and horizontal fittings and registers
The rosettes are welded on automatic welding robots - guarantee of welding quality
the variety of heights allows the stand to be mounted on uneven ground "equipped in rosette with holes for mounting bracings (vertical and horizontal), parapets and dampers" the vertical post is placed on a starting collar as the base of the construction; vertical elements are as follows

height from 0,55 m
if you are interested in a different height,
0,55, 1,00, 1,50, 2,00, 2,50, 3,00.

We will be glad to see you among our happy customers.
We are always ready to help you and answer your questions.

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Frame containers, hot-dip galvanized sheet metal boxes, mesh baskets for joints and accessories, board and prop containers

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