XS Tower ASC 75x120 Working Height 8 m


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Special offer until 12/31/2022 - We are extending it until 1/31/2023 - PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE ONLY 1 AVAILABLE included in the offer is a Makita DAB+ construction radio valued at $150.00.

Reaches a safe working height of up to 8.20 m (working height 3.20 m, 4.20 m, 5.20 m, 6.20 m or 7.20 m).

Extremely safe and easy to use, safe and easy for one person to assemble and disassemble.
Can be used by two people
Requires very little space for storage due to its compact shape
High-quality aluminum alloy and hand-welded joints
With quick-release suspension system and default coated platform
Special stabilizers for extreme loads.
XS Tower ASC is equipped with 125 mm industrial wheels with double brakes and adjustable height, weighing up to 500 kg.
Extra hands to hang equipment during assembly.
Professional equipment brand ASC Group (Netherlands)

2.899,00 €

C.S. Costruzioni S.n.c. (#100474) | 61630 views

I offer


Total lot price: 2.899,00 € Unit price: 2.899,00 € / 1 pcs Quantity: 1 pcs 0 saved ScaffoldingALTRO



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