UNICO73 steel frame | 200 x 73 | Galvanized | Scaffolding


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The frames are the main working element when the scaffolding is assembled vertically, consisting of two stands connected by horizontal crossbars.

Steel frames of the tFRAME | UNICO73 scaffolding come in a standard system width of 732 mm and four heights, with the 2.0 m high frame being the basic frame, and the others being used mainly on the lowest level of the scaffolding - for leveling in sloping terrain, accurate adjustment of the structure to the body of the building, as well as in scaffolding with girders or various non-standard solutions.

The frame stands together with the tenons (vertical elements) are made from a single section of pipe with an outer diameter of 48.3 mm and a wall thickness of 2.7 mm (by cold extrusion technology of the pipe end) - from S235 structural steel with increased strength (Re > 320 MPa). The pivots have an outer diameter of 38 mm and are used to install the frames of the next storey vertically.

The lower crossbar of the frame (with a mandrel for mounting curbs) stiffens the structure, as well as provides protection against self-lifting of the platforms on the scaffolding.

The upper crossbar, made of a special U-profile, is used to fix the platforms. It is supported at both ends by stays, which act as a reinforcement of the load-bearing profile, but also serve to mount one end of the vertical longitudinal bracing.

The design of the frame provides for the installation of two handrails - in special pockets with wedge locks.

Weight [kg]

Measurement unit

telka SA




Overall width
780 mm

System width
732 mm

Overall height
2160 mm

System height
2000 mm

Type of material

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