SLV-73 RAM-1 Homologated Riveted Steel Scaffolding 400m2

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Hello good morning my name is Marcos and I represent SLV-GROUP, in our offers you can find three variants of scaffolding. In this publication I am going to present you the SLV-73 or also known as SLV-73 RAM-1.

SLV-73: The SLV-73 frame scaffold is an ideal system for facade works. Thanks to its simple and intuitive design, construction works are much faster.

-The scaffolding is fully approved and certified.
-The offer is completed with all kinds of accessories.
-It is possible to ask for prices for different square meters or any type of element.
-The offer does not include the VAT!
-The offer does not include the discount.

m2: 407.70m2 length: 49.12m working height: 8.30m height of the last platform: 6.30m

The basic elements of the system are the frame and the platform, which serve as the base of the structure.The steel frames are made of 48.3 pipe with 2.7mm wall. The steel grade is S235 JRH with a yield strength Re min above 280 MPa, most of the time Re is in the range of about 280-285 MPa to avoid documents. The pipe is bottled on a machine specifically designed for the JRH material type, which shapes the pipe.

The machine has three production stages to avoid stresses that can cause micro-cracking and disqualification of the pipe. The frames are produced on a two-station welding robot. They are equipped with snap-in handles for fixing the handrails, thanks to which the assembly of the inner handrails on the vertical frame is fast, the wedging with a hammer blow ensures a strong, stable and rigid joint.

10.870,56 €


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Total lot price: 10.870,56 € Unit price: 26,71 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 407 sqm 0 saved ScaffoldingALTRO



Board with trapdoor for scaffolding  Top

Galvanized scaffold platform with trapdoor,compatible with other types of scaffolding.

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