Production of construction scaffolding with the possibility of purchase under the Rent to Buy formula


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We are hereby offering you our new and galvanized scaffolds directly from our manufacturing factory, complete with all accessories, obviously equipped with the relevant ministerial certification ready to be assembled!
We put companies in a position to buy our scaffolding also by "Rent To Buy" method.
We would like to point out that the cost per square meter of the scaffolding we propose varies according to the quantities required and can range from 40 euros per square meter to 49 euros per square meter.
For large quantities we propose the Rent To Buy method which allows you to pay the cost of pure galvanized steel upfront at 33 euros per square meter.
The remaining cost will be financed by our company and deferred in 10 monthly payments, obviously considering relative percentage of interest.
We would like to point out that upon payment of the last due date the scaffolding will be paid by you in full and nothing more will be due.
The Rent to Buy method is not a rent but a real sale with relative deferred payment.
If you are really interested please kindly release your company address, name and surname of the person in charge of purchases and telephone number so that our competent office can contact you.
Given past experience we would appreciate the utmost seriousness and genuine interest in purchasing the product we propose.

245.000,00 €

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Total lot price: 245.000,00 € Unit price: 49,00 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 5000 sqm 0 saved Scaffolding


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