RAM-2 SLV-70 approved scaffolding 510m2 galvanized steel scaffolding

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Hello, my name is Mark and I represent SLV Group, which is the largest scaffolding producer in Poland. Along with the great development, companies from all over the world have trusted us, recognizing us as a serious and stable business partner.
SLV Group is a brand that mainly focuses on quality, professional customer service and fast delivery. We can fulfill any order even within 24 hours.
The auction is for a complete set that complies with all health and safety standards.

If you are interested in other dimensions of the set, please contact us, we will adapt and modify the offer to your needs. We will also take care of transportation, direct to your door.
we invite you to cooperate with us! Slv-Group is your reliable partner in scaffolding purchasing!

Scaffolding: 510m2, Working height: 6,30m, Last platform height: 4,30m.

The price is given without VAT, but if there is no tax identification number, the price will be calculated with VAT!

we have different types of systems and we can give a price for different square meters of everything the customer needs!

the offer includes all kinds of accessories to assemble the scaffolding!

- Steel frame 2.0m: 56uni
- Guardrails 3.0m: 135 pcs
- Scaffolding end: 2 pcs
- Access platforms 3.0m: 6 uni
- Concentration bars 3.66m: 18 uni
- Front skirting 3.0m: 54 uni
- Lateral toe board: 4 uni
- steel platform: 96 uni
- Single scaffolding end: 7 uni
- handrail post: 26 uni
- lower assembly: 9 uni
- anchor: 36uni
- normal coupler: 36 uni
- eye bolt: 36 pcs
- uni pin: 36 uni
- base screw: 56 pcs
The main price does not include discount.

11.234,44 €


I offer


Total lot price: 11.234,44 € Unit price: 22,03 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 510 sqm 1 saved ScaffoldingALTRO



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Frame containers, hot-dip galvanized sheet metal boxes, mesh baskets for joints and accessories, board and prop containers

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