Scaffolding plank / scaffolding board


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We are a scaffolding factory from China. We mainly make scaffolding plank, frame scaffolding, scaffolding coupler, scaffolding accessories and so on. Welcome to inquiry us.

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Linyi Queen scaffolding (#100131) | 9112 views

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Parapet guardrail for construction - Vertical Guardrail Base Bracket and Post Square Tube Scaffold Guard Rail Stanchion Linyi Queen scaffolding is a well-known enterprise dedicated to the manufacture scaffolding products, scaffolding tools and safety products in construction.As excellent supplier in China's Scaffold Quality Ranking , Linyi Queen’s scaffolding adopted by large international construction companies. Our professional team has more than 20 scaffolding designers and over 50 experienced workers. The scaffold production equipment developed by ourselves has high production efficiency and stable product quality. It has also won a number of national patent certificates. Relying on China's perfect industrial chain system, we can well control every link from raw materials to delivery and improve the delivery speed. our products will be tested from raw materials to every production link. After passing the test, we will enter the next link to reassure customers. we adopt large-scale procurement and use finance to hedge price fluctuations and reduce the fluctuation of raw materials. Various materials meet national standards. Customers can realize one-stop procurement in our company. You can buy what you want here and improve procurement efficiency. we can carry out customized manufacturing according to the drawings or samples provided by customers, open special molds for customers, and establish your own brand for customers in the scaffold industry. Whether you are an individual engaged in scaffold business or a multinational construction company, you are a VIP customer here. We will accompany you to grow up all your life. Make your scaffolding business better and better.

12,90 €

Linyi Queen scaffolding (#100131) | China / Shandong Sheng / Linyi Shi / Lanshan Qu | 43979 views 0 saved