Knauf PFT G4 FC-230V Single Phase Plastering Machine


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- Structure resistant to large stresses
- Optimal protection from frost
- Reliable operation with standard power outlet
- Large fine water filter
- Easy maintenance
- Large material hopper
- Perimeter motor protection bracket

The Knauf PFT G4 FC-230 is a continuous-cycle plastering machine suitable for all dry premixed mortars and made for the building rehabilitation industry. Powered by a powerful 5.5 kW single-phase electric motor.

Dual bag loading system or through silos using transfer cap or PFT SILOMAT plant.

Easy-access faucets and pressure switch. Large electrical cabinet with dust protection.

Designed for work on even the most demanding job sites thanks to a reinforced tubular frame.

Maximum flexibility of movement thanks to 4 large wheels and integrated lifting eyebolts.

G4 FC 230V Knauf PFT plastering machine details
The G4 FC 230V from Knauf PFT is a powerful and reliable plastering machine with single-phase power supply capable of operating with a standard power outlet. The frequency inverter (FC) allows continuous speed adjustment and for torque enhancement.

Equipped with a 145-liter tank, the dry material area is separated from the mixing and pumping area. This system offers many advantages including reduced maintenance and avoids the need to empty the dry material hopper at the end of the working day.

The G4 FC features a compact and extremely strong structure, made of reinforced tubulars that can withstand even the most stresses without problems. It is also built to accommodate fittings and switches inside so that they are not damaged.

It is easy and safe to transport and move thanks to its 4 large wheels, 2 of which have brakes. The structure is also equipped with eyebolts for lifting and splint for forklift transport.

- Gypsum plaster
- Lime and gypsum plaster
- Cement plaster
- Limestone plaster
- Mud masses
- Lime and cement plaster
- Insulators
- Crack-filling mortar
- Mortar for masonry
- Tiled floor
- Fluid mastic
- Adhesive mortar/reinforcing mortar

Maximum flexibility of use
Loading bags plastering machine G4 FC 230V Knauf PFT
The low loading height makes it perfect for filling by sacks.

Silo loading G4 FC 230V Knauf PFT plastering machine
Using the PFT transfer cap, it can easily and quickly be connected to any silo/container.

Technical Data
Pressure 20 bar
Flow rate 22 l/min
Distance 30 meters
Tank volume 145 liters ~ 5 bags
Filling height 910 mm
Dimensions 1200 x 720 x 1530 mm
Motor power 5.5 kW
Power supply 230V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
Weight 289 kg
Original Knauf PFT Product
Knauf PFT engineers have been working closely with workers and companies in the construction industry for more than 50 years to design and develop products that are always practical, reliable and geared toward solving your work problems in a practical way.

PFT products are supplied exclusively by trained and authorized PFT dealers so that they always offer competent and qualified service.

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