Scaffolding and hoist elevators for sale


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New scaffolding for sale - Italian brands
Operational or redemption rental (minimum 24 months, with credit checks).
Sale or rental of hoist elevators.
Sales also by retail with on-site pickup (with a minimum order quantity of 100 pcs and up).

2.400.000,00 €

Alex75ge (#100239) | 10428 views

Available for sale


Total lot price: 2.400.000,00 € Unit price: 48,00 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 50000 sqm 1 saved ScaffoldingCondor



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Scaffolding "MARCEGAGLIA TEL DAL T5"  Top

For sale reconditioned scaffolding model "TEL DAL T5" Approximate development ml 120.60 x H mt 8.00 = sqm 964.80 270 Frames 270 Parapets 400 Metal planks 200 Curbstops Various square footage possible. Price intractable.

34.000,00 €

FABRIZIO (#100112) | Italy | 18733 views 4 saved

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