Exclusive Offer 48% discount - LAYHER BLITZ (2,57x0,73) used scaffolding 1022 m²/sqm


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1022m² of used LAYHER BLITZ scaffolding items. If you would like to see a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

48% discount already applied on prices.

1022 m²/sqm; 100.23 m width x 10.20 m working height; 8.20m standing height; 0.73m depth
Weight kg: 12066,20

160 pcs Steel frame (2.00m x 0.73m)
304 pcs U-Platform in Steel T4 (0.32m wide x 2.57m)
4 pcs U-Platform Robust with ladder included (2,57m x 0,61m)
312 pcs Steel Railing 2,57m
6 pcs Double Side Railing 0,73m SW 19/22
32 pcs Diagonal Blitz, with half clamps and wedge 3,20m
38 pcsSteel L-crowning frame (1.00m x 0.73m)
2 pcsLateral crowning frame in steel (1.00m x 0.73m)
78 pcsFront toeboards, for 2 floors (2.57m x 0.15m)
4 pcsLateral toe boards, for 2 floors (0.73m x 0.15m)
80 pcs Base/foot scaffold 60, 0,60m
52 pcs Blitz anchor
52 pcs Orthogonal Clamp
52 pcs Eyebolt 120mm

Transport is not included.
VAT not included and stackable pallets not included.
Prices ex works. Subject to not being sold. Subject to availability.
Subject to errors and omissions.
The above calculation is prepared with basic equipment, not with the complete set. Buyer is free to increase quantities and purchase additional items.
Scaffold design and installation are the sole responsibility of the customer.
No warranty.
Payment in advance. All bank transfer charges shall be borne by the buyer.

Products in good condition with reasonable prices.
Pictures posted are old, please request current pictures with your sales representative.

For more information, please feel free to contact your sales representative.

31.606,43 €

Valentina (#102467) | 49084 views

I offer


Total lot price: 31.606,43 € Unit price: 30,93 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 1022 sqm 1 saved ScaffoldingLahyer



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