Facade scaffolding type PLETTAC 300m2 NEW


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Working height: 6,50m
Set length: 45 m
Working area: 282 m2

Scaffolding has all necessary certificates and approvals for Polish and European markets.

Scaffolding elements:

Steel frame 200x70 - 32 pcs.
Steel platform 3.00m - 56 pieces
Communication platform 3.00m - 2 pcs.
Diagonal brace 3.00m - 8 pcs.
Lower brace mountings - 4 pieces.
Railing 3.00m - 75 pieces.
Crosswise railing - 2 pieces.
Handrail post - 29 pieces.
End frame - 2 pieces.
Cross coupling - 18 pieces.
Anchor connector L=500 - 18 pcs.
Screw with eye 260 - 18 pcs.
Base plate L=600 - 32 pcs.

The scaffolding is 100% new.

We offer the whole assortment for scaffolding.
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5.999,00 €

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Poland / Silesian Voivodeship / Powiat żywiecki / Żywiec

Total lot price: 5.999,00 € Unit price: 20,00 € / 1 sqm Quantity: 300 sqm 0 saved Scaffolding


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