Lot of 3392 Doka Eurex D30ECO props


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Used Doka Eurex D30ECO props, maximum extension 3.0 meters.
The lot consists of used props, of which we guarantee the functionality being individually tested and certified.
The props are supplied in new containers included in the price of our production, Doka compatible, 56 pieces each.

The props are available at our warehouse in Brescia

98.368,00 €

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Available for sale/rent

Italy / Lombardia / Provincia di Brescia

Total lot price: 98.368,00 € Unit price: 29,00 € / 1 Quantity: 3392 1 saved PropsDokaSteel




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Scaffolding beams and diagonals

Painted or galvanized horizontal current (rod) for scaffolding. The size is universal so it can be mounted on any type of scaffold. Also sold individually. Diagonals also available.

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Galvanized scaffold platform

Scaffolding board CL4 right . Available 1000 pieces new as pictured. With ministerial authorization.

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Europrops props DIN EN 1065

DIN EN 1065 high-capacity props GBM high-capacity shoring systems. They support more than 30kN Manufactured in Italy. Certified in Germany. Used all over the world.

Premium User GBM Shoring & Scaffolding (#1004) | Italy | 102954 views 1 saved

GBM Painted Frame Scaffolding

GBM scaffolding with 105 x 180 prefabricated frames Manufactured entirely at our factories in Brescia Equipped as required by law with ministerial authorization.

Premium User GBM Shoring & Scaffolding (#1004) | Italy | 55811 views 0 saved

GBM Galvanized Scaffolding

New and galvanized GBM scaffold 105 x 180 cm prefabricated frame model Scaffolding complete with 1 frame 2 beams 1 diagonal 2 metal boards List of other accessories available - anchors - eyebolts - baseplates - boards with trapdoor - trapdoor ladders - header gates - terminals - right-angle joints - swivel joints - step guards - 50cm brackets - struts for brackets - 105 cm brackets - pvc underbases - innocent pipes - footstops - pins for pipe junction

Premium User GBM Shoring & Scaffolding (#1004) | Italy | 74599 views 1 saved

Doka Railings S

Last batch of DOKA S PARAPETS Most important features: S guardrail is used to demarcate areas at risk of falling. ▪ In accordance with EN 13374 class A ▪ Construction allows attachment to various elements and therefore indicated for: - platforms - wall formwork - concrete slabs - slab formwork, etc. ▪ Parapet brackets inclined by 45° allow the insertion of planks on both sides (90° offset position) ▪ Holes in parapet brackets are used to connect screw joints to form a parapet with scaffold tubes. ▪ Hot-dip galvanized steel construction for maximum durability.

Premium User GBM Shoring & Scaffolding (#1004) | Italy | 119696 views 0 saved

Scaffolding subbase

Genuine GBM subbases for scaffolding baseplates Made of polypropylene, better strength than conventional PVC subbases

Premium User GBM Shoring & Scaffolding (#1004) | Italy | 60870 views 0 saved

Board with hatch "Secure Deck"

Latest 1200 boards with GBM "Secure-Deck" trapdoor Made in-house with innovative top-quality technologies: sandblasting and oven-baked, 50-micron painting, with the same process as normally used for formwork Their coloring makes them immediately recognizable both at a distance in the site overview and at the same workplace improving the safety of the operators. Obviously certified and marked as per our Italian ministerial authorization Galvanized ladders are also available.

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Header gate for scaffolding

Last batch of 105x180 bushing or pin header closure gates for prefabricated frame scaffolds Available in galvanized or painted version

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