White plasterboard for wall


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I sell 2 identical drywall (79*47*0.5 cm) in excellent condition and gift two smaller, little worn drywall (20*57*0.5 cm and
60*61*0.5 cm).
I live in north Rome.
To be picked up locally.

10,00 €

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Total lot price: 10,00 € Unit price: 5,00 € / 1 pcs Quantity: 2 pcs 0 saved H20 beams and panels

H20 beams and panels

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Intact wooden grating, with side support of a large wooden touch

Very durable, intact, used but in good condition, wooden grating (37.5*56*3 cm). With side support of a large wooden touch of about 7 cm (per side). There is some paint on the touch. To be picked up in North Rome.

7,00 €

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