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I sold AeroGel panels sp 10mm
Material in prompt delivery.
Minimum order 100sqm
Price 60€/sqm + shipping costs
free delivery on Rome

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Available for sale


Unit price: 60,00 € / 1 sqm 0 saved Building materials

Building materials

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Marcegaglia scaffolding for sale

For sale about 2300sqm of complete Scaffolding all Marcegaglia. The Scaffolding is also dotted with the internal beams, diagonals and battens for the entire area. also included are approx: 55 valance arms 160 adjustable baseplates 1000ml of pipe and joint of various lengths 1000 joints 15 half-bars wooden boards hatches and ladders sheets All material is galvanized and marked Marcegaglia. No time wasters Price in private Billable

115.000,00 €

User #100391 | Italy | 11916 views 0 saved