One-piece insulated sheet metal box 3 x 2 mt


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⚡Box insulated monoblocks⚡
Are you looking for monoblocks for your construction site or office or tool shelter? You are in the right place.
To learn about our current prices and offers, contact us on WhatsApp as well.
Direct sales of insulated monoblocks, standard and complete custom furniture for all types of applications!
Boxes for: construction sites - bathrooms - showers - changing rooms - bars - fry shops - kennels - tool shed - storage - garages - exhibitions, offices.
Also suitable for mobile laboratories.

Home delivery service!
🌍 Shipping throughout Italy and Europe 🌍

100% customized by you
👉👉 Contact us without obligation... together we will find your solution 👈👈
We realize your needs!

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New insulated monoblock boxes. Confidential offers for orders over 4 modules. Boxes for: construction sites - bathrooms - showers - changing rooms - kennels - tool shed - storage - exhibitions. If Required, we perform home transportation throughout Italy, with quotes varying according to distance. 100% customized by you. Made in Italy! We realize your needs!

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